An Ambit focus on Breads | Sourdough

An Ambit focus on Breads | Sourdough


Sourdough – known for its characteristic sour flavour, chewy texture and crispy crust – is slow fermented bread, unique because it doesn’t require commercial yeast to rise. Instead, it’s produced with a live fermented culture, a sourdough starter.

In a healthy sourdough starter, yeast and lactobacilli form an agreeable, symbiotic, relationship. The yeast uses carbohydrates to produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. Bubbles of carbon dioxide become trapped in the stretchy dough, making it rise. The acidity generated by the lactobacilli is great for the yeast but less so for the other organisms. If properly fed, a sourdough starter can be kept at room temperature and the acidity of the bread acts as a preservative, even after baking.

From a healthy eating perspective, it’s far superior to supermarket bread. The naturally occurring acids and long fermentation increase the levels of nutrients, specifically B vitamins and help to break down gluten, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb.

Equipment solutions

Mixing equipment: Kronos Pro Mixers

Dough make-up equipment: Crustica (bread plant)

Proofing and final fermentation: Ice Cool

For information on Sourdough processing technologies and industrial bakery equipment visit the Batch mixing and Proofing Products section of the Ambit Group website.

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