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  • Thermo-Oil Baking equipment

    Thermo-Oil Baking

    Heuft is the world's oldest oven manufacturer. Since 1700, each generation has upheld the tradition of their craft and transformed it into modern baking concepts.

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Commercial dough processing equipment, from Ambit

Heuft, a manufacturer that understands its business, is best positioned to make lasting investments in innovative breakthroughs.

Heuft ovens have earned a worldwide reputation for their quality. Bakers across all continents rely on the baking solutions produced by the 8th generation of the Heuft Family, who have extensive expertise and experience. They were among the pioneers in the specialisation of thermal oil baking systems. Each Heuft thermal oil oven is a top-of-the-line product designed to give our customers a competitive advantage.

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Rack & Deck Baking Ovens

Rack & Deck Baking Ovens

Tecno Pack are the market leaders, and have been supplying state-of-the-art packing technologies for over 30 years
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Continuous Baking Ovens

Continuous Baking Ovens

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