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    Vacuum Cooling

    VACUSPEED® sets new standards in the production of baked goods, as long cooling times become a thing of the past! The new “vacuum process” cools baked goods faster than all previously known methods, and oven-hot baked goods are cooled in just a few minutes.
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Commercial Vacuum cooling products, from Ambit

VACUSPEED® offers huge advantages… Your baked goods stay fresh for longer, with a longer-lasting crust. You can react more precisely to changing consumer trends, and products are more consistent in size and volume. You can create new “Ready-to-Eat” products and entire product concepts. Best before date (BBD) is significantly more prolonged, and production has significant time and energy savings.

The VACUSPEED® vacuum cooling cells come with a swing or sliding door to accommodate a rack trolley, and cells can be modularly integrated into fully automatic feeding and automation systems of multideck and tunnel ovens.




High-performance vacuum cooling delivers freshness and crispness for the entire day.

VACUSPEED® Industrial Cooling

VACUSPEED® Industrial Cooling

Oven-hot goods are cooled to a low temperature level in the vacuum cell in 6 to 8 minutes on average, whereas conventional cooling methods require about 45 minutes, and two-thirds more energy.

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