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Nerkon operates worldwide, providing cleaning and degreasing equipment and technological and logistics solutions.

Our design, construction, and development departments are seamlessly integrated with the sale, manufacture, assembly, and installation of equipment. We are proud of our turnkey approach, which allows us to deliver atypical solutions tailored to precisely meet our clients’ unique needs, ensuring their satisfaction.

Product Focus

We have developed an innovative technology that enables the removal of labels from crates without using additional clean water.
  • A highly economical and energy-efficient solution.
  • Removing at least 99% of the labels and any remaining residue they may leave behind.
  • Depending on the capacity and type of label, the washing pressure ranges from 150 to 300 bar.
  • No additional water is required for label removal; only the cleaning liquid from the machine’s tank is used.
Nerkon’s equipment is used in production plants that require washing and degreasing of parts using sprinkling technology.

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About Us

We control the power of water…

  • The device allows for the combined cleaning of packaging of different sizes in a single machine.
  • Its modular design facilitates specific solutions and potential future expansions in case of increased capacity demands, better cleaning or higher level of dryness.
  • The device comes in one-lane, double-lane and multi-lane versions, and its operation can be optimized by using an additional conveyor system.
  • The equipment is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, and each device can be equipped with a discharge and self-cleaning system.
  • There is a wide range of optional equipment available to meet specific requirements.
  • All washing procedures use environmentally friendly detergents and solvents.
  • The equipment has been designed to comply with the rising demand for environmental safety and protection.
  • Automatic regeneration of cleaning solutions and optimisation of water, detergent and energy consumption.
  • Washing and drying pressure are automatically adjusted based on the size of the item.
  • The upper washing and drying nozzles automatically adjust to the ideal distance from the item being washed.
  • The lateral guidance system automatically adjusts, ensuring optimal distance between the item and lateral washing and drying nozzles.
  • Efforts are ongoing to make processes more efficient, which includes reducing the use of water, energy, detergents, and labor.
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