THERMADOR TH Production starts in Sweden

THERMADOR TH Production starts in Sweden

The newly developed THERMADOR TH was granted the iba award as a “masterpiece of German engineering” for its innovative combination of well-known technologies. This award-winning technology now also convinces in practice. In Sweden, the first production using the thermal oil oven has started smoothly.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The famous quote by Aristotle perfectly applies to the THERMADOR TH. The parts in the oven series are a continuous tunnel oven, optionally on one or two decks and heated with thermal oil, heat transfer by means of radiation and convection through high switchable vertical turbulences in the baking chamber, different baked goods carrier systems and modular oven equipment. What is special is that all these features are combined in one single oven. The sum of the parts thus ensures a unique baking performance, which also impressed our Swedish customer.

The newly installed THERMADOR TH allows the production of different types of sandwich bread. A total baking area of 216 m2 is available for this purpose, with 12 oven modules of 36 m each and a vapor zone of 1.5 m. Four zones of different lengths are used for baking at temperatures between 210 °C and 250 °C and with baking times between

12 and 48 minutes. The heart of the oven is the thermal oil turbo radiator, which has been applied for patent. The maximum dough output is 10 tonnes/hour.

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