WP Kemper

WP Kemper is part of the WP BAKERYGROUP, the leading, integrated group of companies for craft and industrial bakery technology.

WP Kemper´s specialties are mixers and mixing system for dough processing, frying systems (donuts, Berliners, etc.), roll systems with dividing and moulding machines as well as dough sheeters for the artisan roll and bread production.

Engineering and complete project planning right up to delivery of fully customized turn-key solutions including planning and design of the production interfaces are also part of WP Kemper´s competencies as well as the focus on tomorrow´s developments and new innovations.

Product Focus

Mini Products as a trend product?! Snacks are a growing market, and we see an increased demand for mini product production lines, particularly for mini donuts and Berliners. But also, mini rolls and buns are perfect for snack time like mini hamburger buns.
An Overview
WP Donut & WP Roll

WP Donut makes WP Kemper a market leader for industrial donut production. The developed and installed production systems are fully customized turn-key solutions covering all processes from dough production through to the finished product.

With WP Roll, WP Kemper covers all aspects of project planning and takes account of process requirements, desired product characteristics and specific site situations for the industrial roll and bun production. Of course, in close collaboration with the customers to design the optimum solution for their needs.

The Technology

The dough dividing and moulding machine SOFT STAR CT is particularly suitable for the mini product production as its weight range starts from 8 grams with an unmatched rate of 99% weight accuracy on high and even highest quality and a run of 60 strokes per minute creating an hourly output of 36,000 dough pieces.

The design of the EVOLUTION roll / donut line enables to process doughs with a high water content for better flavor and longer freshness. Alignment stations and accurate transfer ensure high-precision processing of even very small products.

The unique, hygiene-friendly design of both machines allows easy accessibility and cleaning of the dough contacting equipment.

Combining the SOFT STAR CT head machine and the EVOLUTION is especially efficient. Peak performances are achieved through the use of high-performance drives and moving modules. Supplemented with mixing systems and further processing equipment like fryers, filling or sugaring modules, ovens and freezers, they make a great production system for the mini product production. The advantages: high productivity, quick return-on-investment, low space requirements, low staffing level.


Introducing a trio of WP Kemper features

FutureWork at WP Kemper is the forward-looking orientation of all employees to what the future hold and is a central element of the corporate philosophy. It is about motivation, about the drive to find new things, about passion, implementing structured ways of working, closely following market developments, sensing new customer requirements, and following up on them – allowing to provide the customers on an on-going basis with new impulses that help them thrive in their markets. Industry 4.0 digitalization is an integral part of the developments focused on networking the systems, implementing new sensor technology for controlling machines, and using autonomous systems wherever they make sense


ProductionCare means reducing downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance. Service technicians, troubleshooters, spare parts specialists, administration staff and service consultants are part of the WP Kemper service team to offer the full-service bakeries need to run round the clock. Service 4.0 stands for forward-looking service and includes 3D printing, condition monitoring systems and sensor-based quality optimization and documentation.

Baking Centre

A test, a demonstration or training? The experienced WP Kemper team of master bakers supports you with every question. True to the motto „think process“ the baking center offers the entire process for the production of baked goods. From mixers to in-store ovens, you can test and work on a variety of products from the whole WP BAKERYGROUP. It is the perfect setting to test the machines with your individual doughs and recipes.