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WP Haton is part of the WP BAKERYGROUP, the leading, integrated group of companies for craft and industrial bakery technology.

WP Haton Dough Friendly Company is one of the leading suppliers of bread make up equipment in the world market. Manufacturer of dough processing systems for traditional and industrial bakeries for virtually all common types of bread. WP Haton dough make up systems with well-known names as Baguetta, Classica, Crustica, Ryena, and more are available for toast, tin bread as well as artisan, baguette, and all other kind of breads.

WP Haton equipment is spread all over the world. Open communication, honest and sincere commitment results in optimal solutions for bakeries and in pleasant, although professional, business relationships.

Product Focus

Dough Flow Zipper, ZIP2ONE: a twin piston machine with 2 dough pockets dropping the dough pieces parallel on 2 discharge conveyors feeding a centring belt that converts the 2 lines in 1 straight lane like a zipper.
An Overview
Dough Flow Zipper: ZIP2ONE

The B 300 GV is a high-speed dough divider, especially developed for the use in automatic baguette make up lines. The machine has been successful for more some years in many different baguette lines because of the sturdy design, high weight accuracy, dough friendly dividing mechanism, and high speed. Especially in production lines where an inline (180-degree infeed of the dough pieces) is necessary the B 300 GV can be used optimally because of its configuration and capacity. The machine has been completely redesigned and extended with the ZIP2ONE.

The Technology
Suction Dividing

The B 300 GV II uses the principle of suction dividing. This means that the dough is transported from the hopper to the dividing mechanism by suction. Below the hopper the dough is divided into bigger portions in the main chamber.

After the chamber is closed by a knife, the dough is pushed gently into the 2 horizontal positioned measuring chambers.


Introducing a trio of WP Haton features
Blue Value

Blue Value packages increase the efficiency of your machines, lengthens their lifecycles, reduce downtimes, increase production rates, safe cost of production and reduce dough loss.

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Bread Lab

Breadlab is a technological support package on site, online or in our test bakery. It provides the latest information on dough technology, processes, newest developments, and assistance whenever needed.

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What’s New

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