Heuft Industry is part of the 300 years old HEUFT group. It has set itself the task of building individual, automated large-scale Thermo-Oil baking systems that meet all industrial requirements, “Made in Germany”!

For Heuft, it is a matter of total concept from the line together with high standard manufacturing and professional start-up by our experienced master bakers. Everything is geared towards efficiency, smooth processes and maximal economics. We never forget the special responsibility that comes with the production of food. Hygienic design is a benchmark that we apply uncompromisingly to our large oven systems and the entire production environment. Let us convince you through our performance and know-how based on 20 years of experience in industrial ovens!

Product Focus

Using Thermo-Oil as heat transfer medium in all our ovens makes all the difference. Its unmatched reproducibility bakes your products in absolutely the same quality every day, with very low energy consumption.


Let us introduce our company structure:
On our road to success, we have managed to retain the advantages of a family company rooted in tradition, with a high level of identification with the company from an extremely loyal workforce. Heuft has now reached a size where its capacities and expertise enable it to fulfil requests from customers for tailor-made units and solutions…
The bakery sector is an extremely dynamic industry. Company sizes are growing and with them the quantities produced. Our customers are currently faced with the challenge of producing at an industrial scale without compromising the quality of artisan production. Bakeries who want to manage this balancing act almost always find their way to Heuft
Oven systems like ours must generate added value. Any failure is costly. That is why we have the same demands on our service as we do on our systems. Because if unexpected problems arise, you can rely on our responsive and professional support…